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In Chennai, "Beta Amaya, I can't see your face clearly. The video quality is real bad." Mrs. Iyer told her daughter who has just shifted to America for her Post graduation. Amaya has always been the apple of her mother's eye; it was extremely hard for Mrs. Iyer to send her only daughter so far away to a completely strange country.
"But Amma we will video chat, you will see me daily and know that I am safe and sound." Amaya promised her mother before leaving and with that reassurance Mrs. Iyer let her daughter go with a heavy heart.
"Your voice is! Now it's not even connecting." Mrs. Iyer yelled at her smartphone or rather at slow mobile internet broadband. One may think she is technologically challenged but she doesn't have anyone else to vent her frustration upon, it's all the fault of this tortoise speed broadband.

Somewhere in the city of Delhi, Dhruv is trying to cope up with all his work demands in mere 24 hours of a day. His business is booming but not as much as it could be, productivity is a lot less. Only if Dhruv could do video conferencing while commuting he could save a lot of time and complete a lot more projects. Alas! His mobile broadband doesn't allow that. 

Meanwhile in Mumbai, Sonam is missing her husband who is on Client’s site in France. She wishes she could Video chat with him in her lunch time at work. She slammed her phone down in frustration.

And youngsters all over are frustrated with the never-ending buffering round and round circle. It's a real pain to work on a slow network.

Is there anyone out there who can hear the plight of all these disheartened people? Is there a solution? Well there is. Its name is 4G LET by Airtel. 4th generation of mobile internet aka 4G is 10 times faster than the 3G. It provides up to 100 Mbps speed for moving and 1 Gbps to stationary users! How cool is that, now escalated high speed in just in your palm or rather will be in your palms soon. Airtel is the first telecommunication operator to roll out 4G LET in India with a nationwide coverage of around 296 cities. Are you thinking 4G Tariff data plans must be expensive?  Surprisingly Airtel has managed to provide 4G at the price of 3G. That is around whopping 31% price slash in 4G plans, why now would anyone go for 3G when they can get 10 times faster speed at the same price.

And getting a 4G sim is super easy; it’s just a tweet away. All you have to do is tweet #GetAirtel4G to @AirtelIndia and your 4G supporting sim card will be delivered at your home for free.

Now, Mrs. Iyer can see the face of her daughter clearly! And Dhruv can Video conference while commuting and Sonam will be able to connect with her husband whenever she wants.
And all the youngsters who put a movie on download overnight won’t be taking so much pains also can enjoy the awesomeness of HD resolution video streaming.
About students?  They can take their video classes better on Internet anytime anywhere. With so many benefits, why wouldn’t anyone upgrade to 4G from their 3G or 2G plan! This is the era where everything that is slow is left behind! 

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