Saturday Coffee (Interviews)

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On Saturdays I am going to invite an Author or a Book character Over Coffee and have a Chat with them.
There is so much beyond the books we read, So much to know about the thought process, inspiration etc. for the book, So lets unveil it. 
My heartiest thanks to all the Authors that creates a world we all readers dive in, become a part of it and enjoy...

Saturday Coffee Features:

  • How Author's likes to take their coffee
  • Heart to heart over their writings
  • Glimpse into their life moments
  • With whom they would love to have a cuppa coffee
  • One word/few words over names/words (Rapid Fire Round)
  • Their favorite Quote 
  • Mantra of life
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Saturday Coffee Interview with Rishi Vohra
Author of the Book- 'Once Upon the tracks of Mumbai'
Featured on --- 02nd Feb' 2013
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Giveaway of the book: HERE

Featured on --- 16th Feb' 2013
Valentines Edition

Saturday Coffee Exclusive interview with Colonel Krishna Athawale
A robust daredevil ex-para commando from the book -- 'R.I.P.'
Read my review HERE
Featured on : 23rd Feb' 2013
(Interview given by Mukul Deva)
Featured on - 02nd Feb'2013
Giveaway of the book-- HERE
Featured on : 23rd Mar, 2012

Author of the Book :  The Homing Pigeon...
Featured on : 25th May 2013
Saturday Coffee interview with Parthajeet Sarma (Video Segment)
Author : Parthajeet Sarma
Book: Smart phoned dumb people?
Interview was conducted on : 5th Oct 2013
Book review : HERE
Video Interview

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