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Everyday everything we all do is with one primary factor in mind, to seek happiness; even unconsciously we search for happiness. Happiness is like that firefly what makes the dark cold nights fascinating, it’s like that sun that brightens the whole day and gives life to everything living and non living. Happiness is like that rainbow which comes after rain and spreads its magic, it makes rain worthwhile. It’s something that does know no bounds and doesn't discriminate. Its presence makes life a journey worth travelling.

On this International day of happiness I am going to share a list of things that makes me happy:

  1. Family: No surprise there, there is nothing in this world that makes me more happy than spending time with my family. They say God chose our family and I am thankful to god for giving me a loving caring family.
  2. Finding the book I fall in love with. I love reading, absolutely and when I stumble upon a book which I think I might like makes me happy and while reading when I fall in love with its characters, it’s world building, it’s storyline, it’s pages and words and quotes and everything about it. Falling in love so hard that just the small mention of it is good enough to make my day makes me extremely happy. Give me a book I love and I am a happy girl.
  3. Dancing: I love to tap on beats; I love to sway on beats. It awakens all the cells in my body and I fell energized. I don’t need energy drinks but just to sway and tap, dance. It makes me super happy.
  4. When I am teaching a girl English language who wasn’t lucky enough to complete her studies because she was married and when she smiles from heart and her eyes brightens when I tell her that all her translations are correct makes me happy.
  5. Shopping: The world gets better when I shop the world is better when I shop. Everything is colorful and pretty and beautiful and I feel amazing when I shop.
  6.   Friends: Time spent with best friends whom I am connected with very strongly.
  7.    Finding that perfect handbag that makes me fall in love instantly and also fits under my budget makes me happiest.
  8.  Discounts: I love sale and discounts. I can shop for so much more by spending so much less. Can there be anything better than that?
  9. People who help other people, many a times I stumble into situation where I don’t know how to proceed and someone takes time to explain me t he proceedings makes me happy.
  10. Twitter follower: When I get a new follower on twitter that isn't some randomly made fake profile.
  11. People who smile apologetically when they accidentally bump into you. It proves humbleness is still alive.
  12.  Music: That moment when music speaks clearly to me and makes me go all “because-am-happy-tapping-feet” no matter where I am.
  13.  Chocolate: Is there anything better than chocolate? No. Chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins that gives a happy feeling also it tastes amazing and makes everything better.
  14.  Good Conversation: I love talking but not the one that is just babbling but good conversations in which I have many take always. Bonds are made over a good conversation, you learn something new, you help others in learning something new, and you make new friends over it. That productive conversation where I am content by the end, it’s the time well spent.
  15. Comments on my blog make me super happy.
  16. Writing my heart or mind or both out is a very good feeling especially when it meets my expectations.
  17.   Spaghetti in arrabiata sauce or marinara sauce.
  18.  Learning to cook a new dish and making it delicious.
  19.   Winning blogging contests.
  20. Coffee
  21. To be able to be helpful. TO be able to answers other’s question and help them in tiniest of things.
  22. Travelling and visiting new places, knowing about its history, culture and local lifestyle. To be able to blend in as much as possible and not be a tourist.
  23.  Hugs and blessing from heart.
  24. Holy shrines, the peace and out of the space experience I get when I visit a holy shrine is most amazing.
  25. Laughing so hard that my stomach hurts.

This is a small list of little things that makes me happy. Have you made a list of small things that makes you happy? Help your family and friends in making such list and make sure that you be a part of their happiness by giving that those little things.

Stay HappyStay Blessed
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