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I adore my little niece, she is twenty months old and is very active. She is constantly moving here and there, it's really difficult to keep her still even for ten minutes. Her giggle is like a ringing bells and her smile is absolutely bewitching. I think she knows that that's why she would just smile or giggle after doing something extremely mischievous. She enjoys attention a lot, if I even start talking on phone in front of her, she would start crying; she just wants us to talk to her or keep looking at her all the time, she has to be sure that she has everyone's attention and that makes her happy; she is extremely demanding I tell you and I adore her for that.

She loves the rhymes my sister plays over youtube specially "twinkle twinkle little star" , she would move her feet and her hands adorably and if everyone is looking at her then she would pat the bed and giggle in rhythm. Her favorite time pass is playing with her teddy and I can already tell that she loves the color pink already. She would smile this big when she would see the pink color around. She loves when I tickle her or make faces and sing to her and tell her stories. Bed time story is something she looks forward to, I can tell that because she would just give a big angel smile when she realizes that it's her bed time story time, she would listen and smile as if she is understanding each word and getting each expression, maybe she is.

Just like any other toddler she loves to go out, yeah just take her anywhere with you and she is a happy baby, just dress her up in nice new cloths and take her to malls, restaurants or garden, she loves the most to be around people because she loves to see new faces around her. When in a mall she would just point towards a apparel shop and will throw a big tantrum if anyone dares to come out of an apparel shop. It won't be a surprise if she becomes fashion diva when she grows up. If by some luck you take her back home then forget about getting her out of new clothes, we can do that only after she dozes off and being so long is one cloths is only comfortable when she is wearing a nice diaper or she would just not stop crying. I don't like when she cries, her giggles are like my fuel, I am happy when she is happy in fact my whole family is happy if she is happy and she is happy when she is comfortable and loved.

Diapers plays an important role in the mood swings of a toddler. Pampers came up with this new product that locks the moisture in and keeps the diaper dry leading to an irritation free happy mood. These pampers baby dry pants works like wonder for my little niece.

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