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Valentine's day, what is it about? Candies, red flowers, teddy bears, dark chocolates, balloons and romance? Right, well perhaps not.

If we go by the history behind the origin of this day then Valentine is the patron saint of lovers and henceforth this day is dedicated to the true love which is blessed by the God himself and love is not only about loving another soul but loving ourselves too so I would love to dedicate the valentine's day in loving the person I am first and pampering myself seems like a right step so what could be better than pampering myself with latest sexy sleek smart phone, not any smart phone but Asus Zenfone. It's all about the gadget love, my valentine! Why? Lets see...


The most basic quality I would want in my valentine is reliability, he needs to be someone I can always count on. In storm or smooth sea, in an elevator or the darkest corner of the room, I want my valentine to be able to help me and with the long battery life in ASUS Zenfone it will always be able to assist me without dying out on me. It runs on The Intel Atom processor which is energy efficient also power-efficient antenna design leads to a lasting battery hence It is most reliable.


Mutual understand is the most important aspect of any successful relationship and it's one of the most seldom found attribute. Thank the Gods or better say the awesome technology that I and my Asus Zenfone can have a mutual understanding. Its intelligence technology known as ZenUI turns complexity into simplicity with bunch of convenience features. For example, it's feature like What's Next, Do It Later and more helps in keeping track and manage my schedule. The UI (User interface) is super smart and specially designed to understand the needs of a user and that leads to a better hassle free understanding without any confusion. I simply love it.


I am a women and I can multitask, yes I can prepare a presentation while short-listing the handbags I saw last week in multiple stores also contemplate on world economy at the same time. I can rule the workplace in my stilettos also be a kitchen queen. I do multitask all the time, like right now as I am writing this post, I am planning what is going to be in the dinner also what I am going to wear next day to work and also how am I going to utilize the last-moment deals available throughout e-comm sites. I love multitasking and believe me men can't multitask to save their lives and that is such a bummer but I need not to worry because Zenfone can Multitask, Yeppie! It is designed with a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2560 Dual Core Processor with Intel Hyper Threading Technology, equipped with 2GB RAM which enables multitasking completely lag free, I can play games and check emails, attend calls, chat endlessly all in one go. Woah, now that's a perfect valentine.


I am not shallow, believe me I am not but looks do matter. I should be able to devour my valentine just by my eyes too, oops, did I say that out loud! Well that's the truth, how can I have unconditional love without a pleasing personality! How can I go all mushy and gushy over some bulky rough repelling looking thing! To Love I need to be able to love the outer looks as well and Zenfone is *drooling* one sleek sexy phone that will make your toes curl and your heart beat faster. It comes in many colors, you name it and you have it also it has a unconventional metal coloured finish. It has a large, as large as 6 inch High Definition screen and it's touchscreen with resilient anti-fingerprint coating featuring a 10-finger multi-touch panel is something to have an experience with. The feel you get is *ahem* Good. WHat more can I ask for!

5) All Rounder :

I love the latest technology, a gadget which is beautiful but lacks in performance is useless, you know like beauty without brains is total futile, Exactly! And the Zenfone knows how to deliver, It comes with High megapixel camera with LED flash that ensures that my pictures captured are crystal clear and beautiful. It's integrated PixelMaster enables professional quality images, Isn't that dreamy! It is dual sim, now we are talking! Have latest operating system so that I can make use of all the latest apps and fun that it has to offer. The gives the seamless connectivity over WiFi, Bluetooth, USB!

If I go looking for these quality in a man, then may be I will have to search the whole 8 planets but why go for all the hassle when I can have a ASUS Zenfone, my perfect Valentine! 

For more details Visit : http://www.flipkart.com/asus


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