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Hello my lovely readers, I think by now you all know my fascination with the most talked about social classified networking site : Quikr as in my previous post (HERE) I discussed all the APP-some features of Quickr NXT! Today, I am going to give you a little walk along the ways of how to sell and buy a car easily.

Previously what used to happen when a person would want to buy or sell his car, he used to approach a dealer in his city who would take care of the requirements and also give numerous options for a car he would want to buy. That used to be convenient but at the same time he would have to pay to the dealer as well for his services. On top of that this process takes time, contact your dealer, he would then contact the buyer/seller then you would need to either constantly nag your dealer by calling or personal visits and in this era no one has that kind of free time, when you are free, you definitely don't want stress.

Then came online-classified advertisement to save it all where a person can handle the complete deal without any hidden cost involved and have his own option ranging from to whom to sell and from where to buy. One doesn't need to pay a single penny to anyone for extra services.

Say If I would need to upgrade my car, that is buy a better one then how would I proceed:

1) The first step is to find a buyer for my existing car because it will only make more sense if I sell your old one and use the amount earned for the better car.

2) To sell my own car, first I would create an add over the Quikr site, post some candid pictures of my old car from all the angles, specify all the features like brand, model, fuel type, color etc. of my existing car very clearly so that the interested buyer on filtering through lands onto the advertisement I have posted.

3) I can also contact the interested buyers under 'wanted ads'. It makes the selling process even more seamless and faster.

4) With Quikr NXT! APP, managing alerts is pretty easy. SO I would be in loop with every interested buyer. And of course with the Chat option I can take the deal further and convenience a buyer for my existing car and have the maximum selling price possible out of it.

Once I have sold my car then I have two options for buying a new car:

a) To post an advertisement under "Wanted Ads" and specify all the my requirements.
b) To filter though the options like brand, manufacturing year, price range, Fuel type, color etc. Also I have the option to buy a new/old one or via dealer or an individual.

5) All I need to do is contact all the sellers of the cars I am interested in, because I wouldn't be eyeing only one but multiple cars so that I can get the best deal possible.

That being said, I can easily compare the price as well after some Google research and I won't be buying unless I have a test drive on the car I am buying which is again easy because I am in direct contact with the seller and also I can directly ask their reason of selling their car. I would make sure that I don't regret the deal later and I think that is a substantial plus point of selling/buying a car via an online-classified website over the conventional in-the-area dealer.

I hope you all have a fantastic experience while upgrading your car via Quikr NXT for a better one.


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