10 bedtime rituals for baby's good night sleep

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A baby's good night sleep is your good night's sleep. When baby happily giggling you are smiling yourself for that they need to stay healthy and relaxed and they are more relaxed when they are used to of the environment as they do like new shiny toys but not new environments. They need to have a good bedtime ritual so that they sleep soundly and wake up all rejuvenated. It's good for the parent too as it gives more fun time with their baby and baby enjoys that the most. So,

1) Warm bath
A nice warm bath lets a baby to release all the pent up energy of the day, mother can herself have a nice calming bath with her baby and get relaxed. It can be the first step of the bedtime rituals. Then make sure they wear a clean soft cloths and have diaper on.

2) Massage
There is nothing better than a massage to soften all the locks in the body, after a long tiring day baby would love a massage with a nice baby oil with has no chemicals. Sometimes natural aroma oil also helps as it has more soothing effects.

3) Small Game time
After a massage or before that paying small games with baby is most fun. A quite game on the floor, on the bed or in the baby's crib is a pleasing way of spending some smiling moments with the baby. The main thing to keep in mind is that the game should be quite and restful. Anything that gets baby over excited will only hamper the sleep. A small color suggesting game or peekaboo sounds most fun.

4) Have a Chat
Hushed chats with baby is one of the most important aspect for both, parent and the child. You don't have to wait for them to grow old enough to understand, whatever you talk, they are catching even though they can't reciprocate. Well, they do talk back in their adorable ways. Baby do enjoy a nice hushed chat and attention so give them all the attention they need.

5) Sweet dreams to moon 
Yes baby loves the nice tranquil light of the moon making a ritual of saying good night and sweet dreams to moon will not only familiarize them with night but also make them less scare of the night. Also they will know it's bedtime soon as soon as they see the moon outside of the window.

6) A bedtime Story 
Do I remember all the bedtime stories my mother used to narrate? Probably not, but I do remember bits and pieces of it. It's the best way of letting your baby's imagination grow and making sure they have happy dreams.

7) Nursery rhyme time
There is nothing more fun than a nursery rhyme, specially 'twinkle twinkle little star', it's a fun way of introducing the baby with the tunes and words and specially the beauty of singing.

8) Music time or lullaby 
A soft music CD specially made for babes or a lullaby makes the baby drift off into slumber easily Soothing melody calms them and makes them feel safe.

9) bottle or pacifier
Sometimes a baby wants a bottle nipple or a pacifier to sleep, worry not. It's their way of going into a calm slumber.

10) Leave a light on
Tuck your baby in bed, give a nice cuddle and make sure to leave some light on in the room around their sleeping area, It keeps them calm even if they wake up in the middle of the night. Not harsh light to disturb their sleep, but soft light.

I am not a mother, In fact I am single but I have a niece and I used to have many of the above mentioned bedtime rituals with her, and she used to sleep like an angle and next morning when she would wake up, she would have a fresh energy to spin everyone in house on her little fingers, she is growing up nicely and is my little angel. That's the charm of proper bedtime rituals.

What are your bedtime rituals with your toddler?

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