You Me and Pao Bhaji

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"I cannot cook to save my life!" Archi threw her hands in the air spreading wheat flower all over the kitchen.
"Who on Earth invented cooking!" She piqued then suddenly realising the silliness of her statement she held a hand to stop Kunal from answering but Kunal was far too mused to stay quiet but somehow he did.

"Scoot, I will teach you how to knead a dough" Kunal said folding the sleeves of his neatly pressed shirt.
"No you aren't, not in your Blackberry Shirt. Go and change then you may." Archi the ever conscious told him.
"What aprons are for Sweetheart." He Tied the Apron around him and started to knead the dough."See  it's pretty simple, you keep on adding water according the need and keep on kneading it."
"Like boxing?" Archi quires
Kunal Laughed "not really." he said.
"But Kunal, I need to learn Pao bhaji not chapati." Archi protested again.

Coming week Kunal's baby sister is visiting and  she have specifically requested 'Pao Bhaji' made by Archi, only they she will give Archi the green light to marry her adorable brother. Ever since there wedding date is finalised, Archie has been trying to learn cooking with all her might. Kunal's baby sister lives and London and craves for Indian food all the time so while talking she jokingly requested Pao Bhaiji and Archi wants to fulfil her every wish even if it makes her to scale mount Everest and this is cooking. Who is she kidding, she is never going to make it.
"What if I am never able to cook? Will you still love me?" She asked.
"Don't be silly, of course I will. And I have complete faith in you. You will master it just like that after you have got me to hone your culinary skills." Kunal joked.

Well, after few trails, by that I mean after making and eating Pao bhaji in Dinner for couple of days straight Archie finally learnt the basics. At least now the salt was correct.

"OMG!! Bhabhi!! Did you really prepare it all by yourself!!" Kunal's baby sister squeeled in delight after havinf the first bite of Pao Bhaji prepared by her. Archi Nodded.
"This is absolutely Divine! I have missed Indian food so much and this is perfect welcome back present." She hugged Archi and Archie almost cried in happiness. She knew it didn't taste that good but her efforts and Kunal's awesome teaching skills finally worked and she feels like she is on cloud nine.

To tell a secret, Archie used Borosil glasswares to present her food, she believe that it did the trick too in impressing the most important member of her would-be family.

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