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Pages:  256
Publisher: Paper Clip Books
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Release: 2012
Author's Page: 
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Ritwik is your average boy next door, struggling to make it as a scriptwriter in the Comics industry and his love story will take you through a rollercoaster ride, full of thrill and adventure, mishaps and most unexpected twists and turns.

Ritwik's amazing love story starts with a drab bus journey from Meerut to Delhi, until he meets Shubhangi and falls head over heels in love. Determined to marry Shubhangi, Ritwik goes all out to impress his prospective father-in-law, but only ends up messing his personal and professional life. Will he win the biggest gamble of his life by risking his career and embarking on a wild goose chase simply to appease the eccentric professor? With the odds stacked against him, Ritwik, a born loser is hoping for the Law of Averages to finally catch up with him.

Get set to enjoy this romantic, funny, whimsical and outrightly crazy journey undertaken by Ritwik to win the love of his life!

Author's Page:


The story is set around the world of comics, dictator dad, two loves sneaking around and treasure hunt and the cover art is very apt giving a rundown to the story and the colors chosen are definitely has its appeal. 
"The law of averages is bound to catch up with you and you are bound to win big time at least once in your life."-- page no. 206
This is an Insta-love (Love at first sight) story, not the mushy-mushy kind but adventurous. 
The protagonist Ritwik is an average guy with below-average-luck, a rookie scriptwriter for Raj Comics with high dreams he is struggling to make his career in comics industry as a scriptwriter but Lady Luck seems not in his favor which is not a news to him as he is gifted, gifted in jeopardizing almost everything unintentionally no matter how hard he tries. His journey to Meerut seems like a journey of a lifetime, but is it really?? or is it just another fun-ply by his Lady Luck!!
With Sushant, Ritwik's coworker at Raj Comics, who has expertise to illustrate (his cartoon characters are mostly influenced by British faces) Ritwik is on cloud nine after cracking a deal with Sunshine Comics in Meerut and on returning to Delhi they met their Dream girls and it just the beginning of a great adventure.

Shubhangi, a sweet girl-next-door works in Meerut to support her family but lives in Delhi and she is the one who caught Ritwiks eyes, rather claimed his heart on his journey from Meerut to Delhi but like everything else their relationship is not a easy ride and Ritwik's rotten luck refuses to spare him here as well. Shubhandi lives with her eccentric orthodox father Professor A.K Khurana who has spent his life in chasing the hidden treasure, whose younger daughter Tanya being a rebel has broken his heart and Shubhangi is reluctant to hurt him more by telling him about Ritwik. And in order to marry his love Shubhangi, Ritwik has to appease her rather unconventional father for which Ritwik crosses all the limits and surprised himself as well.

Shushant, an impulsive guy who took fancy on an equally impulsive girl Arpita and their love life is another hilarious story altogether. Shushant, Ritwik's partner in crime is blatant nature and has an amazing ability to always dug a hole for himself taking Ritwik down with him and Ritwik being a savior always salvage the situation with his wit, charm and cleverness. 
"I am not lazy, my inertia of rest is high."                            

Signed copy-- Thank you so much MR. Kshitish Padhy
With many side characters like Tanya (rebellious sister of Shubhangi), Mr. Sanjay Gupta (Creative head of Raj Comics), Ritwik's and shushant's work buddies, Arpita's father,  Captain Jayant (Tanya’s boyfriend) the author created a number of funny, sad and ultimately memorable little moments. Every character played it's role remarkably. I also got an inside into the comics world and also got to know that Raj comics celebrate Nagraj's birthday in 1st week of October.

As per the lag line "A hilarious love story- filmi Ishtyle" the story is indeed hilarious with many twists and turns and ample convivial situations reminding me about the Raj comics like Billo, Pinky, Chacha Choudhary I used to read. I was never a Nagraj, bhokal reader but after reading this book I think I really missed out. But it's not too late, I am going to get my hands on Nagraj and other Action comics :) .

The narrative tone in this book is jovial and humorous and relatively easy to understand as the Author paid special attention to the readers of Raj comics who are more attuned to Hindi language. I enjoyed the witty remarks and reference of the cartoon/comic characters throughout at the same time missed my old golden days with the comics. The author used his background in script writing for the comics industry very brilliantly in creating a story which is hilarious, packed with adventure and masala in Filmy Ishtyle.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the debacles Ritwik constantly finds himself in and how he navigates safely out of it taking everyone with him, Including me. It is an extremely engrossing light comedy-romantic read to brighten your day.

My heartiest thanks to the author MR. Kshitish Padhy for writing such a captivating story and sending me a signed copy. I treasure it. 

"Truth is stranger than fiction my friends."-- page no. 55
About The Author:
Law of Averages is the debut novel of Kshitish Padhy. Kshitish is a versatile scriptwriter, novelist and translator working on various genres like mythology, superhero fantasy, teen fiction and fiction for young adults. After starting his writing career as a translator at Raj Comics, he has contributed to the scripts of their flagship characters like Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva and Bhokal. Completing a brief stint with Campfire Comics, Kshitish is currently working as the lead scriptwriter for Vimanika Comics and on mythological titles like Shiva and Dasavtaar. He is an avid reader of comics and children fiction and is a huge fan of Harry Potter, Tintin, Daredevil and Batman. He loves action movies high on special effects and detective thrillers. Kshitish currently resides in Delhi.


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