Review: F?@k Knows By Shailendra Singh

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Title: F?@k Knows
Author: Shailendra Singh
Pages:  256
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Genre: non-fiction
Release: 2013
Funny and candid, yet rich in insights on how to really live life on your own terms, this unconventional self-help manual is unlike any book around.

What do you want from life? Are you on the right track? Are you truly happy?

If your answer to these questions is F?@k knows!, then this book is for you.

Find the answers to life's most important questions with the help of uber-successful entrepreneur, Shailendra Singh, co-founder of Precept and inceptor of Sunburn. Told with sparkling, flavorful and in-your-face humor, this book will advise you on how to:

Find yourself (Because you're probably lost. Admit it.)

Follow your heart (Because if you don't then you'll die unhappy,you stupid f?@ker.)

Achieve your goals (You know you want to.)

Live life like you give a f?@k (Because....why not?)

Candid and thoughtful, F?@k Knows will show you how to really live life on your own terms, to do what you want to do and not what you have to do just because your father said so!


Woah!!! I am someone who do not use the word F?@k, If I really have to,  then I use 'eff' and mostly I kind of just mouth that word, not say out loud, So Initially I really had a problem adjusting with it. Mostly I kind of skipped that word, Which was like skipping too many words a page :) . and yes usually I say "shut the eff up" when I am trying to sleep and my mind won't shut up. So if you are comfortable saying the eff word multiple times then this is the book for you. 

The Disclaimer of this book is a must read, It's hilarious and witty.
Then moving on to 'How to read this book", point 5 .. shocked me :P, but yeah it is again a must read.

This is basically a part autobiography/self-philosophy/self-help book written by Shailendra Singh, a sports marketing guru, an advertising whiz, a Bollywood producer and MD of India's first and only entertainment, media and communications conglomerate. Also he made a S@?t load of money :P. 

Most of the self-help books are filled with decent preaching and are heavy in content, where this book is light with witty remarks at the same time filled with real life experiences of Mr. Shailendra Singh and his philosophy. 

Mr. Shailendra Singh had a cardiac arrest right after the demise of his father which changed his perspective toward life, he was ready to let go and join his father in heaven but many questions clogged up his mind, and the answes to all those questions in his term was "F?@K knows", he realized he had lived his life not on his own terms, hence the book took place.
The moot point of the book is, no one knows why certain things happen to certain people. Why do we care so much about others? About what they might think? and we don't know how long we are gonna live so it very important to: 
  • Find ourselves, listen to our own heart
  • Seek our own desires, achieve our goals
  • Realize what we want to do and do it for no one knows how long one's gonna live. (like making a bucket list, for which he used his own term
  • Live life like you give a rat's tail. (well he again used his own terms)
Starting was a bit slow and kind of depressing but then it picked up, His philosophies of life are pretty simple but profound, he seems like an old fashion dude for which I like him, he is a kind of a Jock boy so I excuse the too much use of "Eff" word, and if one can get past that then this book is definitely a read.

Every Chapter of the book starts with a message/quote, sometimes witty, sometimes sassy, rude or effing awesome. His writing style is very casual and simple using day to day joy-boy-slang terms which I liked, he was rather blunt with his messages.
  • "Actually, this whole book is about the fact that only you know the answers to our questions. Me? I'm just a cool dude, telling you cool things."
  • "I was  alive yesterday. dead today. F?@K knows about tomorrow."
  • "Some of your happiest feelings, may actually come from the same place your shit is made. How awesome is that?" (Scandalized much :P) 
  • "You better speak up, before you are eaten up."
  • Parvati replied, 'I was hoping he would grow up to be an engineer."
  • You have to be a bit arrogant if you want today's society to respect you."
  •  "You have only yourself to blame, and only you have the power of your own Khud Khushi'
  • "It's important to surround yourself with good people, good thoughts and good energy. If happy people surround you, it is so much easier for you to stay happy."
  • "You are capable of navigating this life. You just have to believe that you are. Follow through on your own thoughts and ideas. And you'll see what magic you can make happen." 
This book is full of such discerning messages. 
He Produced the movies likes Pyar mai kabhi kabhi  movie with a strong message that you could touch a HIV +ve person without getting infected. A powerful public service in 1999 when HIV/aids were like  a taboo subjects.
According to him, ' No one really wants to acknowledge the darker side of the life.'
His analogies were really awesome, at one point he also compared something* with Nescafe and freshly grounded coffee beans. and OMG!! he used to watch SATC (I so wanted to say this).

All in all I quite like it. I just had to find my own way with the book.
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