Feature & Follow Friday #4


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Feature and Follow is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.

Q: Confess your blogger sins! Is there anything as a newbie blogger that you've done, that as you gained more experience you were like -- oops?
 I don't think that I committed any sin. Well I always comment back on the blogs who comment on mine. I believe in spreading love. And yeah I wish for more followers, which is not an ideal thing as a blogger should worry about blogs content not followers but I am greedy that way. :) 

So what is your SIN... would love to know *Evil Smirk*

Follow me and I'll follow back!
Happy Friday everybody :)

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  1. Hihi, lovely answer. Commenting back is nice. Thanks for stopping by :)
    Old follower.

  2. Good answer as I sometimes get behind in returning comments. I'm a new GFC Follower and would love for you to visit me whenever you have the chance....

    The Scarf Princess

  3. Thanks BookCupid and Joder for stopping by!!! :) ...

  4. Great answer. I'm a little behind in my commenting from this past Friday - had a busy weekend, but I try to as well.
    Thanks for stopping by my FF.

    Brandy @ A Little of the Book Life
    New Follower via GFC & Email



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