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Over this SATURDAY COFFEE I have Invited The book Character Colonel Krishna Athawale for an Exclusive InterviewThis Robust daredevil ex-para commando has made the nations corrupt politicians quiver with fear. I have the privileged of meeting him in the book R.I.P by Mukul Deva (Author) (Check out the review HERE).

Me: Hello Colonel Krishna Athawale, it's an absolute pleasure to have you over Saturday Coffee, How would you like your Coffee, Sir?
 Colonel Krishna: Thank you Ankita, for having me here. It is a pleasure to reach out to your readers. May I have my coffee black with no sugar please.

 1. Me: Sir, it would be an understatement to say that you took the nation by storm. What was the last push that forced you to form R.I.P?
 Colonel Krishna: It had been building up for a while. The final push was seeing those scoundrels who had been gnawing away at our country, always getting away scot free. So often that they were becoming downright blatant about stealing the Indian tax payers money.

2. Me: Where the Indian politicians are consorting with divide and rule policy, your K-team represented a different image altogether. Please shed some light on that.
 Colonel Krishna: That is life in the Special Forces for you Ankita. We watch each other’s back, all the time. That is the only way for us to succeed and survive no matter what the odds against us.

3. Me: During the operation R.I.P, what was going through your mind? Though the planning was impeccable, were you afraid of getting caught?
 Colonel Krishna: The very nature of the battlefield is fluid and unpredictable, so one can never know when what will happen. I dreaded anything happening to any of my team; however we all knew that death was just one tiny slip-up or sliver of bad luck away.

 4. Me: Why Army, and specifically the parachute units of the Indian Army which is indeed amongst the oldest airborne units in the world. How does it feel to be a part of it?
 Colonel Krishna: You do realize that the Indian par commando is not just one of the best, but 'THE BEST' in the world. He is truly the ultimate fighting machine and there is little that can stand between him and his target.

5. Me: How you felt at your first jump? It must have been during the training period. Also tell us about your highest jumps, and the aircrafts you jumped from during your tenure.
Colonel Krishna: ANKITA - lets skip this question please...:)

6. Me: According to you what are the top most important things/key points a fellow Indian must always remember.
 Colonel Krishna: That is quite straightforward Ankita.
  • Unless we are ready to die (and if required, kill) for our country, we have no right to expect it to do anything for us. It is our motherland after all.
  • It is the solemn duty of 'every citizen' to stand up for what is right - to protect our motherland - from the enemy within and without.
  • In a billion strong country, we just need a 1000 honest men and women to step forward and take charge. They will ensure the country gets its rightful place in the sun. This may take time, but the time to begin is now.
  • Focus, discipline and adaptability are the key ingredients for success - in every endeavour.

7. Me: Not every Indian is warmed up to the idea of remarriage in spite of living in the 21st century. What are your thoughts regarding that?
Colonel Krishna: Everyone has the right to a second chance.
ME: You are absolutely right Sir, and I am glad to see that you found your happiness. My best wishes with your Family.

8. Me: Sir, I’ll give you a word and you have to describe it in a word/few words or a sentence.
Colonel Krishna: Sure,
a) Corruption: POLITICIANS
b) Money laundering: BANE OF THE NATION
c) Indian Politics:
d) Leadership:
f) Peace: HAS TO BE WON

9. Me: Sir, I salute you for your courage and bravery, it’s been an honour to have a chat with you. I do sincerely hope that after your last R.I.P operation, things fall on the right track and you don’t have to run another operation. Before leaving, give us your Mantra of life.
Colonel Krishna: Thank you Ankita. I hope so too. It is up to each one of us to ensure we get the government we deserve.


Note: This Interview is conducted over an email with the India’s literary storm trooper, Author Mukul Deva-- The creator of Colonel Krishna.

About the Author:

Source: here
An alumnus of La Martiniere College, Lucknow, the National Defence Academy, Pune and the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, Mukul Deva was commissioned in December 1981 into the Sikh Light Infantry of the Indian Army. He took early retirement from the army after fifteen years of service, including a decade of combat operations in India and overseas. Now settled in Singapore, he is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and an executive, business and creativity coach. He is also a Mentor on the United Nations Institute of Training and Research Afghanistan Fellowship. He is India’s leading writer of military thrillers, including the bestselling Lashkar series.

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My heartiest Thanks to the author Mukul Sir for giving time to Saturday Coffee at Booklok Coffee


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