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This Weekend is special because Valentines Day just went by and since LOve is in the air and all, I have invited someone who is known for his love. Yes, Over this SATURDAY COFFEE I have Invited The book Character Balwant Srivastav aka Babloo for an Exclusive Interview. I know Babloo From his story "'Once upon the tracks of Mumbai' by Author Rishi Vohra. (Check out the review HERE).

ME : Hello Babloo. It's a pleasure to have you over Saturday Coffee. For you I have Thumbs up. I hope you enjoy it.

Hi Ankita!  Yes, I do prefer Thumbs Up!  That means you have read my story carefully!  Thank you for inviting me over and for the Thumbs Up.

1. ME : Do you miss the railway tracks? Waking up with the whistle of Train every morning?

Babloo : I miss the railway tracks because they were my only friend all these years.  I would spend hours walking up and down, trying to think my life over.  No, I do not miss the whistle every morning.  It was like an alarm clock, only ten times louder!

2. ME : To me and everyone who read your story thinks you are an exceptionally brave person. What is your definition of Bravery.

Babloo : For me, bravery is doing the right thing at the moment to help another person, putting aside your sense of self and the possible consequences that may prove harmful to you.  Not many people are able to think beyond themselves.

3. ME : Now I am going to mention something you don't like to discuss. Please don't give me that look :), He is a real Hero, Yes I am talking about the RAIL MAN, a fighter and a savior. Tell me what he is to you.

Babloo : Rail Man is the person I want to be, and the kind of person every Indian should strive to be.  Yes, I am trying to put Rail Man out of my life.  But everyone keeps bringing him up.  They find him exciting and me boring.  Funny isn’t it?

ME : On the contrary I find you rather interesting. As I said in my review you are like a sea. Calm from outside but there is so much going on inside, you mind is a different place altogether.

4. ME : In your story, Society is somewhat a villain, But things changed. How would to describe the society as THEN & NOW?

Babloo : Then, society functioned as a community and people took pride in being a part of it.  Festivals were celebrated together, socializing was more active, and you could always knock on a neighbor door for help.

Society has only deteriorated, with so much discrimination within. Moreover, evil is lurking around every corner, people are always out to exploit the weak, and no one really says what they mean or mean what they say.  In short, no one can be trusted. That’s society now.

5. ME : What is your definition of love?
Babloo : When you’re with the person, time stops and you don’t want to be anywhere else.  When you’re not with the person, you can’t stop thinking about him/her.  Basically, both the thought and presence of the other person brings you happiness, security, peace, and makes you feel special.  That’s love.

ME : It's the month of LOVE and that was one of the sweetest thing I have heard.

6. ME : What is Family to you.

Babloo : Family is your foundation, your support system, your identity. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel any of that for most of my life because of my problems. They just didn’t know how to deal with it and sidelined me.

ME : All my blessing for you and Vandane, Your new family.

7. ME : What do you think of the crimes engulfing the Railway tracks of Mumbai. What could be the prevention?

Babloo : It’s sad that crimes are occurring in a transport system where commuters should feel more secure.  The Authorities need to put a live camera in every compartment, and an alarm button that can be activated by anyone to alert authorities of a crime.  Keeping a constable in every train is not really practical.

8. ME : Since We all know how much you love Vandane. I want to see how much you know her.?
Babloo :Sure
a) What color are her eyes, Vandana's eys : Dark brown?

b) Her favorite color : Pink?  Ok, am just guessing.

c) Who is her first love : Some guy in her college.  She doesn’t like to talk about him.

d) What would she choose Rain or sunshine? Sunshine!

e) What is Vandana to you? My biggest achievement in this lifetime.

ME : Well... That is very sweet of you. Thank you so much for having a chat with me for my blog. My all the best wishes for you and Vandana. Before leaving, share your mantra of Life with us.

Babloo : “Visions are worth fighting for.  Why spend your life making somebody else’s dream?” – Tim Burton.

Babloo is an elder son of a middle class railway junior clerk, He is different & his family and the society is always their to remind him that. Life for Babloo isn't easy, for being an Autistic, people don't get him and it frustrates him.
He is courageous, super-hygienic, someone who can't see wrong happening And he is love with Vandana, a confident girl with big dreams in her eyes and compassion in her heart.

Note: This Interview was conducted over an email with the author RISHI VOHRA who gave life to such an amazing character of Babloo.

 To know more about Babloo visit :

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  1. That's great. You got the interview from the horse's mouth. Babloo has aptly described the various facets of life and Society.



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