❀ FABULOUS GIVEAWAY❀ (International)

I am happy to announce that Booklok Coffee is hosting it's first giveaway. *squeal*
Since it's 14th February, Valentines day
Our gracious Author Carmen Stefanescu
has permitted me to choose not one but THREE winners.
So yes, Three lucky people will get a chance to win the Ebook of
Shadows of the Past by Carmen Stefanescu

Read my review HERE

About the Author:
Carmen Stefanescu was born in Romania, the native country of the infamous vampire Count Dracula, but where, for about 50 years of communist dictatorship, just speaking about God, faith, reincarnation or paranormal phenomena could have led someone to great trouble - the psychiatric hospital if not to prison.
English teacher in her native country and mother of two daughters, Carmen Stefanescu survived the grim years of oppression, by escaping in a parallel world that of the books. 
She has dreamt all her life to become a writer, but many of the things she wrote during those years remained just drawer projects. The fall of the Ceausescu’s regime in 1989 and the opening of the country to the world meant a new beginning for her. She started publishing. 
 Find the Author
Giveaway Info:
Prize is 
3 eBook copy of Shadows of the Past by Carmen Stefanescu
Contest is open internationally and ends 3rd MARCH.  

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  1. My Favorite Paranormal book character -- Edward Cullen!!!
    Happy Valentine's day to you too!!!

  2. My Favorite Paranormal book Character would have to be Lucan Thorne from Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Series. He is just such a HOT and lethal (only when needed) Vampire who will do anything to protect his family and humans alike.


  3. My Favorite Paranormal book character would have to be "Jacob Black" from Twilight :)

  4. there are a handful of hotties I can mention as my favorite paranormal book character, but I choose Daemon Black from Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series. He's hot (albeit an alien), smartass, and funny :)

  5. lots of hotties to choose from I love Daemon Black from the Lux series, Aiden St. Delphi from the Covenant Series, Dimitri from the Vampire Academy books and Kale from the touch series.

  6. Thank you All for participating!!! I wish I could give it to all but I could choose only 3 winners, Congratulations to Go Flash GO, Nina Ridyananda and Raquel Vega-Griede On winning. I have sent them emails.
    Special Thanks to the Wonderful author 'Carmen Stefanescu' for being generous and Giving away 3 copies.
    This was my first Giveaway so I hope You'll all excuse me on any mistake I may ave made...
    Keep the spirit of Blogging going!!!
    Happy reading everyone.
    Ankita Singhal

    PS--- I loved hearing your thoughts, I know It is difficult to choose one favorite but you all did a fantastic job!! KUDOS!!



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