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Source: The Stopover

Title: The Stopover (Islands in the sea of life)
Author: Ram Prakash & Deepa Pinto
Genre: Photo-fiction book
Pages: 208
Publisher: Krab media
Release: December, 2012
Buy the Book at: Flipkart/ Krab media

 ~~NO Spoiler~~


 Mesmerizing, compelling and appeasing  
Set out. Seek. Discover.
A blend of fiction and fact, enhanced by photographs

A while back, I got sample pages of this book (see my review HERE), I was lucky, wasn't I!!  I was so transfixed by the sample pages that I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Full book and WOW!! What an enthralling journey it was with 4 stopovers!! How do you even begin to do justice on a review for such an enlightening voyage!!
This Book not only takes you to 4 destinations, gives you the glimpse of their lives, culture, ordeals , hopes and dreams but also bestows an enchanting panorama of rich vibrant India. Where the writing is well-crafted and beautiful with vivid detailing taking you to that very place, the exquisite photographs amplifies your experience there.
The collaboration of best of both worlds (writing and photography) was so spellbinding that it was hard for me to put it down as I was living through every word and photo.

Mostly we are so engrossed in ourselves that we overlook the beauty and beasts around us. This book is a precise eye-opener. All the stories teaches many lessons, revealing the hidden truths of life, telling us to Listen to our hearts, analyze ourselves, correct ourselves, and have a courage to change. It made me an observant traveler as well. 
It is very difficult for me to pick a favorite as all of them are distinct and compelling in there own way. 
In 'The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom' As I learn about the pains and ordeals hidden behind the smiles of Tibetans through Varun's lenses, I felt rage, really strong ... I can't fathom such brutality, but then the ending was peaceful (I really want to read this book by lake Pangong sitting in one of those tents, Photos of Lake Pangong are so tempting). 
'A rocking horse can gallop too' took me to my childhood reminding me of those wooden toys I played 'ghar-ghar' with (and the photos look better then my toys), gave me a peek into problems with generation gape, the sacrifices parents make to raise their children and no matter the age, chasing dreams is always possible.
'The sun shines forever' story gave a chance to Todas to voice their reasons and believes (their red-black-white beautiful shawls :)). It's about the sense of responsibility. It's ending isn't a fairy-tale-ending but is real-life-related-ending kind of... Telling to Do whatever it takes to keep safe what we live for.
'I hear them calling' will make you question your own ethics, as Vikram, a fresh Graduate, today's youth chooses to follow his heart over his dream as he sets out to make a significant difference in the world of animals who can not speak for themselves, he became their voice. 
I like Vikram a tad bit more than the other protagonists. Why? because luxury yachts tempts him, he loves south Indian filter coffee and is a converted vegetarian because he doesn't like to eat his friends. And he is making a difference (well... all others are as well) what's not there to love =D.

 Who Must read this book:
  • A book reader/ book lover
  • Photographer, who loves to capture unseen
  • Traveler,  who likes to explore deep
  • who believes in raising a voice, standing up and making a difference
  • who simply wants to chill, have a nice time, be happy and at peace
I really like that the Index is named as 'Itinerary' leading to story names as 'destination'.
Once you read it, you wouldn't want it to sit around on your beloved bookshelf but on your work/study/coffee table to just have a peek, in your dull boring days to brighten it up, on your pleasant days to make it more fun or just because you want to re-read it. I know I do, it has a photo for every mood and words to compliment it. This book is a true beauty, an alluring art piece you will be tempted to flaunt around. If you haven't read then you are missing out. ^__^.

Five hot coffee cups!!!

Starbucks coffee cup for this Amazing new concept of Photo-fiction

source: The stopover

4 stories, in 4 locations, brought alive with over 100 photos.

The Stopover is a book for those who believe that every new place we visit and every culture we experience enriches our lives and that at every stopover in the journey of life is an exciting new treasure trove. It has stories of 4 such stopovers, a combination of fiction & fact brought alive through photographs.
The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom : Varun seeks refuge in Ladakh from the storm in his life. He befriends three Tibetans, one a Buddhist monk. The Lessons of Life he learns from them change him forever.
A rocking horse can gallop too : Quaint wooden carts, colorful rocking horses, handcrafted dolls – Channapatna, “the land of toys”. The town that witnesses the highs and lows of Vishwa’s life, his dreams and his nightmares.
The sun shines forever : In Ooty, well-hidden from touristic eyes, lies the unique simple world of the Toda tribe. Vijay, a true-blue Toda, is determined to shield his tribe from the danger that a young city girl brings.
I hear them calling : Vikram has it all. Deepika, the love of his life, and his dream job. In Chennai he comes in touch with ornamental fish breeding and he wants to make a difference to the animal world.


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